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Sinapsya's Electronik Music Network, Rec & Blog. Through Records is Sinapsya, and Sinapsya is Electronic Music.
Through Records (sub-label of Truckstop 76th). Sinapsya through this label casts light
on the eclectic nature that explores several different kinds of electronik Music. The Mission: The search for the perfect
sound never heard is the focal point of our label. To promote the sound, not the artist, but the music to
its roots of training, the set of sounds more or less harmonious or discordant unlimited and not pre-imposed genres.

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MTV Sonic — The Place in their Face featuring Aphex Twin (1998)


First Song :) @akai_pro

BLANKA // UNDERWATER from KASABLANKA from cityzenprod on Vimeo.

BLANKA from La Fine Equipe & Jukebox Champion

Minus is Better…

MitoSynth SineWave

I’m an EGOIST!

Industrial night ;)

20syl - Kodama (official music video) from 20syl on Vimeo.

"Motifs" EP on iTunes :

Directors : Mathieu Le Dude & 20syl
Executive Producer : On And On
Post Production & Motion design : Doze Studio (, Mathieu Le Dude & 20syl

Thanks to :
Richard / Dugast Family, Marie Groneau, Sebastien Marqué, Eva & Greg Moongaï, Adeline Moreau, Romaric Dabin.

Special S/O to Kafutchino ( for giving me the opportunity to create Kodama.

Follow 20syl :

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Follow on and on :

Pure Analog!

Live Audio Granular Synthesis Maxim from joshua batty on Vimeo.

Live audio granular synthesis using the Microphone input using the ofxMaxim Library for openFrameworks (made with oF 0.8.0 on OSX)

Here is a link the source on GitHub ->

Have FUN! :D

My last MitoSynth Patch :)

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