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Sinapsya's Electronik Music Network, Rec & Blog. Through Records is Sinapsya, and Sinapsya is Electronic Music.
Through Records (sub-label of Truckstop 76th). Sinapsya through this label casts light
on the eclectic nature that explores several different kinds of electronik Music. The Mission: The search for the perfect
sound never heard is the focal point of our label. To promote the sound, not the artist, but the music to
its roots of training, the set of sounds more or less harmonious or discordant unlimited and not pre-imposed genres.

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Aphex Twin Interview

Aphex Twin - minipops 67 (live in Manchester version) (SYRO)


Aphex Twin ATP Nightmare Before Christmas


Aphex Twin - Unreleased “Metz” Track, 2010


New features C.24 & first look at T.10 from Miselu on Vimeo.

Here is a quick demo showing optical octave switching and sustain as well as using the T.10 for pitch bend.

Swiping your hand along the right side of the keyboard activates sustain. Swiping your hand along the left side of the keyboard transposes the keyboard up one octave (motion front to back) or down an octave (motion from back to front).

The Miselu C.24 and T.10 are Bluetooth Low Energy devices designed to work with any CoreMIDI application running in iOS.

Tera Synth + ABreakpoint 2

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