Easy Trucker


Lost tracks from a lost album of this obscure duo founder of Truckstop76th records, the roman italian label base on a seaside land named Ostia.
Truckstop76th is an independent label born in the 2002 in Rome, and more precisely in Ostia, a neighbourhood of the suburbs that looks onto the sea. This label was born from the will of the duo Seventysix (that is Mr.3p e NRN) to create their platform to diffuse their own music and that of their crew. The roots of the label sink in the roman illegal rave scene, where most of them were direct organizers and partecipants. From here come out their attitude and choise to selfproduce the music. Their inspirations are trucks, road, cities and travelling. The main ingredients of the style are a hard and sustained 808 and a nasty and incisive bass line, all composed and filtered with the last technologic innovations. Of course, one of their objective is to demonstrate that is possible to create music with quality and professionality through selfproduction and, at the same time, keeping the indipendence without sell off their own style.
Truckstop76th goes straight on with their sound. From Rome.


released August 4, 2023


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