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The Project History

Overthreshold born in 2002 from the need of music distribution outside the music business logic for all Rome's underground artists. So it release his first CD as demo for free and completly self-produced by Sinapsya, the mind and soul of the project.

Now, after many years of experience in the scene we decide to transform it in an online shop and agenzie for the same purpose: help underground electronic artist and music to be release outside the business machine.

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Easy Trucker

From here come out their attitude and choise to selfproduce the music. Their inspirations are trucks, road, cities and travelling. The main ingredients of the style are a hard and sustained 808 and a nasty and incisive bass line, all composed and filtered with the last technologic innovations.


This project is an old release I must be released several years ago but for some reason will never released and stay in my mind hole for too much…

FuckBook - the aSocial Network

With this project Sinapsya want to put in contrast new technologies with old (when I recorded the album the only computer we had was an Atari 1024 ST and the Internet did not exist)


Sadness happens to the best of us and sometimes a shoulder to cry on isn't enough. Feeling sorry for yourself is a full-time occupation and the only way to do it correctly is to give free.


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