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Sinapsya begon to approach elettronic music in 1992 playing with a PC tracker Screentracker. Found in 1997 with the others the Smokeproof project. In 2000 cooperate at the Audio Resistance’s fourth release like “Random Walker” presents the second virtual compilation “/Auto CD vol.2” (www.technoseeker.com/autocd02) with the truck “Moldy Bred”.

In 2004 the same track as release on AA.VV. vinil in a Rome base new Label called “Synapsy Vinile”.

In 2003 togeter with his friend Anticracy make the duo project called “The Priory” and release two tracks, One on Label “Scene Missing”: All that Glitters EP - track: Comuniquè,

and on Label “Stirpe 999”: Harmony Corrupted EP - track: Jinny Side.

In 2002 founded with his best friend and dj Mr.3p a elektro/techno Label “TruckStop 76th” and make a duo project called “Seventysix”. With this alias releases more tracks: in 2003 for “TruckStop 76th” - Out.Brave EP - track: Coney Island; in 2004 for “MinimalRome” - Broken Pots Hill vol. 1 - track: Mo; in 2004 for “TruckStop 76th” - Straight.On EP - track: 1997; in 2005 for “MinimalRome” - Broken Pots Hill vol.2 - track: 50f9; in 2006 for “TruckStop 76th” - Uscita.28 EP - track: Mo; in 2006 for “MinimalRome” - Broken Pots Hill vol.3 EP - track: Roma Acida feat. his friend Max Durante; in 2009 for “TruckStop 76th” - L.I.K.E. Split Project 001 - track: Afterlike; in 2010 for “TruckStop 76th” - Ostia is out Detroit Split Project 002 - tracks: Clock Generetor - SEM Traumnovelle.

With alias NrN (because for his friends his nickname is Nerone) releases tree tracks: in 2004 for “MinimalRome” - Broken Pots Hill vol.1 - track: Diskommando; in 2004 for “TruckStop 76th” - Straight.On EP - track: One Now; in 2005 for “MinimalRome” - Broken Pots Hill vol.2 - track: Small Whell User.

Finally on 25 Dicember of 2008 he decided to create his personal Label called “Through” Records and to release THR001 - “Overload” under new alias “Pure Analog”.

After a year ago released an album masterpiece, both graphics and the variety of music options, “Psycho Sequencer THR002, 25 tracks for all Style and all atmosferes, of Pure Analog too.

And now it’s time of Sinapsya…

THR003 “Through.out” and THR004 “Meta.morpho.psya”.

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